From The Boatshop

[By the time you read this, in about two weeks, we may be at war. Or the war may already be over . . . at least the overt shooting part. In either case, what ever I, or you, write, bitch about, or pundit-like exclaim as THE way to do anything, really doesn’t have much impact on the realities of ‘TODAY’]

I recently joined a local ‘yacht club’. More for a ‘lower cost option’ to ‘float my boat’ and store it out of ‘Joanne’s Backyard’ than for the ‘comaraderie’. However, one of the proviso’s of Membership is to put in about 10 hours of ‘sweat equity’. Looking on picking up trash with the same jaundiced eye as I do ‘jogging’ and ‘treadmills’, I elected to put my efforts into helping build the replacement dock floats. There were about six of us in the ‘work crew’[about 9 total, if you count the ‘drifters’]; sort of like the one in the movie, ‘The Crew’; a bunch of ‘geezers’. Ex-Navy; a retired Marine; a couple of ‘civilians’; and ex-USAF {me}. 5 foot-nothing to 6ft6in, the ‘Whitest-white-guy’ to a real ‘beaner’. Clean-shaven, moustache, and beards. 5 hours with at least 3 guys thinking ‘they’ are the ‘job boss’. However, everyone worked together, and one of the 3 floats was 90% completed.

We left about 4PM . . . several of us lived a good distance away . . . if you count evening traffic and bridges. I’m driving home and testing a set-up of a ‘personal’ CD player and ‘tape adapter’ inserted into the radio in the ‘new’ 1995 Rodeo. I didn’t care what the CD was, just so it ‘played’ thought the speakers. It happened to be a Nevell Brothers {‘Loo-ziana’, ‘Nw-lins’, Zydeco, you know, . Cajun stuff}.

Anyhow, I’m ‘goin down the road’, window open {MY TURN to annoy the maximum number of people}. My mind forms a picture of where this recording was made, what Aaron Nevell looks like, and the people in a crowd in that part of our country. It then shifts to how popular this type of music is, and crowds in the North {New York} or the West {Los Angeles} aren’t much different from the ones in Bayou Tesch. Another switch, and I’m thinking of the group I just left.

As the CD ended, I popped out the adapter and the news/traffic station automatically come on . . Iraq, the Middle East, intense fighting between ethnic groups . . . in the same country. Now I here our leaders telling us not to panic, but be alert and aware. Report anything unusual or suspicious, but temper it with reasonable judgment . . . ‘Hate Crimes’ will NOT be tolerated. Not only are we preparing for war, but establishing the sums of money required for US to HELP THEM after WE WIN the war. Let’s think about this . . . THEY have the OIL {and will have the income from it}, if we win, we spend OUR MONEY on THEM . . . THEY can’t seem to get over Medieval ‘tribal warfare’ and WE are the ones who are HATED !! WE ALLOW our own people to VERY PUBLICLY disagree with our leaders, their individual personalities and public policies . . . and even televise it to the world. The leadership we are opposing [NOT the COUNTRY] allows NO DISAGREEMENT. Anyone who attempts to protest is summarily shot, imprisoned, tortured, or simply ‘disappears’ . . . along with their entire family !! Where we often applaud our ‘ethnic groups’ {the Cajuns, for example. Or Mexican food . . . ‘Taco Bell’ - whether you like it or not}, they use theirs for un-acceptable weapons experiments . . . what happened to the ethnic Kurds. Yet, WE are the ones who ‘must be stopped because war is wrong’.

WELL, That’s IT . . . The ‘balloon just went up’ . . . The shootings started . . .

From information now being raveled, it seems the French and Russians had large OIL CONTRACTS in place . . . to be initiated when the ‘Restrictions’ were LIFTED. Is that why they were against a change in the government {by force or otherwise}? Why are the placards with “No War for Oil” being displayed by ‘our’ demonstrators?
- - - - -

It’s now about 12 hours later; the surrenders have already started, areas have been captured at all points around the country, and the troops are almost half-way to Baghdad.

Me, I’m just getting my mooring rig ready. I’m going to fit-out the canoe a local shop contracted for {. . . “Friedman” - that’s Jewish, isn’t it?}. I’ll begin to research the designs a couple of people {“Pedrick” . . . German?; “Ripley” . . . English?}asked me about. Almost forgot, the ‘yacht club’ I just joined . . . it was started about 200 years ago by a group of Welshman.

“Homogenization” is a good thing for milk . . . not people.

Ron Magen