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Welcome to the new Duckworks. Everything is ready for you to sign up for a year of Access. The price is $24.95 for a full year of access. In addition, you can earn subscription credits by contributing content - Here is the breakdown:

You can earn additional credits by shopping in our store. Click here for the details about that.

When you go through the subscription process, you will be given an opportunity to claim any credit you have coming. Please write us at if you have questions. Additionally, we have a lot of material waiting to be published. If you have something awaiting publication, you may either take the credit now or at the time of publication. Let us know by writing to the link above.

Large areas of the site are completely free, so browse the site and check out some of the new material. In Excerpts, you will find reprinted material from MAIB. In Vintage, we will feature really old stuff like the article by Nat Herreshoff. The Outings section will focus on actual reports from the field - home built boats in action. Finally, our popular "Index" section is updated and purged of bad links, and has some new additions like the "How-To" section.

As you browse through the site, you will notice that some links are green, and some are blue. This is how we differentiate between 'free' and 'subscriber only' links. If you are a subscriber, you will not notice any difference, but if you have not yet signed up, you will only be able to see the blue linked pages.