Duckworks Magazine lives by submissions.  We depend almost totally on you readers for our content.  I happen to think that this makes for honest and real reading - the experiences of amateurs who get no pay for their writing and no commissions for any products that they promote. 

We are pretty flexible here, but we do have some druthers. We like to have articles in some form of text format. You can copy and paste the article into the body of an e-mail, or you can attach just about any kind of word processor file to an e-mail instead. A file on a floppy disk mailed by regular snail mail will work. (see mailing address below) We have even typed up hand written material before, although that is a bit of trouble.

If you have certain places you want pictures to go, simply make an insertion note at the appropriate place in the text <**insert boat01.jpg**> or let us do the picture placement. We're pretty careful.

Pictures can be sent to us for scanning, and we will return them promptly. If you have digital versions of the photos, they can be e-mailed or sent on a diskette. The best format is .jpg without too much compression. Send as many as you need to illustrate the article. We may cull a few.

Thanks for taking the time to write up the details of your project. I assure you it will be of great interest to other boat builders and wannabees.

Chuck Leinweber

Duckworks Magazine
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