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By David Lucas - Bradenton, Florida - USA

The Cortez Maritime Museum has a mandate to build traditional Florida boats. Here's one I haven't seen there yet, the Everglades skiff.

Everglades skiff

They don't get any more Florida than this. It was used extensively in the marshes to get around in the wet conditions. You could pole in the water or drag it through the grass. They were popular with the gator poachers for getting the skins out. This would have been useful to me back in my swamp biologist days.

Here's a rendition of the fantail launch I'm working on.

Fantail Launch

I get excited at making it up as I go along. Thank goodness for saws and grinders and epoxy. I've had several of you ask me about building an easy boat and what do I think about the Goat Island skiff. I love it.

New builders won't get overwhelmed and give up and experienced builders can make as much of it as they want with the finish. I may whip one out just to have a good, fast, simple planing boat with a cool rig. The plans are cheap on Duckworks.

I wanted some hats and shirts for the shop and I know a fantastic designer who I won't name, Irwin. This melonseed is an exact rendition of my Laylah down the colors and the double blocked peak halyard.

Lastly I'll have to talk about Stan. He's always showing up with fun people but this time he went way too far. Single life suits him, This beauty he's showing how to kayak is a former Miss America. Being an artist, guitar picker and all round nice buy goes a long way.


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