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This time we have the following boats:

Send a picture or three and a short description of your boat and its launch to for inclusion here next month.

Texas Duck

Thought you might like to see a picture from the maiden voyage of the Texas Duck. A Kit will be available soon.

John Owens
J O Woodworks
870 County Road 3812
Troup, Texas 75789


John Wolf appears to have the first "done" Toon2. Nice job. He was waiting on testing weather on last report.


16' Brockway Skiff

My 16' Brockway Skiff was launched on November 27th, 2010 at the South Beach Marina in Newport, Oregon. The christening and launch went off without a hitch. I've attached a couple of pictures and a link to a video Dan Walker has posted on his photobucket.

It's powered by a Mercury 4 hp 4-stroke outboard. The boat will be used for fishing, crabbing and general Messing About.

Thanks for posting these plans on your site last year, wouldn't have known about it without you!

Here's the above video link.

I documented the build over on the WoodenBoat Forum.

Here is a link to Brockway Skiff plans:


28' Proa

Last month I launched my new boat the proa KALAPUNA for its first sea trials.

I have designed the proa P5 about ten years ago, in the meantime 4-5 of my boats are sailing:

Five years ago I moved from Germany into the South of Turkey, and live now in a small fisherman's village at the Aegean Sea.

Here I started in Autumn 2009 to build a bigger proa for coastal cruising. My "boatyard" in the garden was very small and always "open air". Hence I designed a boat for fast and simple building of plywood and GRP. But nevertheless, it took about a year to finish it. I also built, by myself, a 7m mast from GRP and two 7m spars from carbon. This part of the build was very interesting for a self builder. I can report more details if requested.

Boat concept Pacific proa with crab claw sail

Boat data Length vaka: 8,0 m Beam vaka: 0,6 m Weight: ca. 130 kg Length ama: 5,0 m Beam ama: 0,3 m Weight: ca. 50 kg Beam boat: 3,8 m Sail area: 20 sqm Displacement: ca. 400 kg (with 2 crew)

Both hulls are built from 6 mm plywood with 20x30 mm stringers. Hulls are completely covered with one layer of 200 gr fibreglass, and strengthened on keels with one layer of 300 gr fiber glass. Beams are also made from plywood covered with 3 layers of 650 gr UD glass. Mast made of three GRP kernels each 3 layers of 300 gr glass and covered with 3 layers of 650 gr UD glass. Weight ca. 10 kg. Spars made three GRP kernels of two layers of 300 gr glass and covered with 3-4 layers of 150 gr UD carbon. Weight each 3.5 kg. Rudder system like Russ Brown used on Jzzero with two retractable rudders.

The first sail trials showed that the boat is well balanced, and the rudders are working properly. Shunting the "big" sail was a little problematic, and there I think about a rail guided yard for next season Also a small outboard will be added for coming back if the wind dies (paddling is possible, but very laborious).

Regards Othmar


This boat shows what a bunch of really energetic old guys can do. They pulled her from a watery grave and completely restored her. Something you don't see very often with a power boat. And just in time, with the economy in the tank they may have to put her back to work. Thanks for the update Vera.

David Lucas

For more information see Here and Here.


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