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Without fanfare, party or any fuss at all, the book slid gently into the water to-night, warts and all. That is to say I released it.


Into Harbor in Denmark. This will stop your heart!

Bruce Armstrong

I have just completed a home-designed and made trailer for my Truant dinghy, photos are here.

John Beatty

Here's a new development with Jim Luckett, from SailBoatsToGo: A sophisticated, high-performance, cartop sailing boat for 1-2 persons. You can call it a catamaran with outriggers, or a quadramaran, but it's really a W boat with a pair of outriggers, since the patented W concept departs from the catamaran concept by a number of fundamental features... Yoav

Traditional Small Craft Association - Member Join/Renew. Here it is, the site to join us at the TSCA with no hassles. Just open it, type in your stuff, pay with your credit card and wa-la, you're officially one of us. You may not really want to be one of me but the rest of the old boat world are OK. Dave

I have a few Navigator pictures up on my blog.


The November/December issue of Classic Yacht Magazine is here.


Last sail of the season for Navigator Slip Jig. Here is a short clip of my last sail.


Route du Rhum Race Commentary

You can follow regular race reports on the various boats and their skippers at this link.


Boat Kit like this? 15 story building built in.....drum roll please....2 days? I want a boat kit by these people..... just need to read the language to understand the directions. Ignore the City of Austin propaganda.


Here is an interesting blog post on a Tamar river sailing barge. Excellent blog in general for folks who enjoy traditional woodworking and related subjects.


A lovely new Cinderella built in the UK.


Free EBook: A Narrative Of The Mutiny, by Lieutenant William Bligh.

Free EBook: Frank on a Gun-Boat, by Harry Castlemon.

Free Plan: Rowboat carried on car top.

Free Plan: Sports Sled

Free Plan: Biloxi

Free Plan: 20' Trimaran

Free Plan: El Gato

For the proa nuts out there, John Harris of CLC is back at it after a 10 year hiatus. Remember Mbuli, John’s first real Proa? You’d think he would never go back to proas again. Maybe he is on to something. Should be fun to watch.


Catboats on Pine Island sound.

Dave Lucas

Guys, I manage the PDGoose website. A Goose is just a 12' version of a PDR, but with a 12' boat, you pretty much need to lengthen your plywood. I put together some drawings and text for doing a Butt-joint, a Fiberglass butt-joint, and a scarfed joint. You can see it here. Feedback is appreciated. I know of a couple other methods (biscuit joins, stepped edge, jigsaw edge) but I don't see that they provide any more strength or utility.


Here is a really good site for watching racing:


This winter, I'm modeling canoes and kayaks from The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America. I'm first modeling them in Delftship where I fair them, etc. Then, I'm outputting stations and stems to CAD, where I'm cleaning up the plans to post on my website. I'm aiming to release a set of free stem and station plans for cedar-strip building every Friday. So far, I've modeled five boats and released them. You can find the five plans along with the other free plans I offer on my website here.



Sea Tow Services International, the world’s leading on-water assistance provider, has launched its “Rig Your Boat With $10,000” Sweepstakes, where Sea Tow is giving $10,000 to one lucky boater!

Participants can enter to win at . The sweepstakes will run through Jan. 31, 2011, and is open to boat owners nationwide who are at least 18 years old. No purchase is necessary to participate.


Looking for something different.

Stewart Strik

JWBuilders Akaroa Classic and Wooden Boat Show 2010. Warning: Bagpipes!


With my thanks to all of you, the builders, owners and photographers who provided the photos, I am happy to announce that the calendar "Beauty & Boxes: Bolger Boats 2011" is now available. This is a non-profit project--no funds go to me as the editor or to those who donated photos--which is how the cost was kept down to $12.49 + shipping.


Shortcut to West Indies Mahogany. A tree guy friend gave us a little piece of this, we thought it was fire wood till Stan cut it up to make gaff jaws and found fantastic wood inside. This was the first mahogany sent back to the old world and all the best stuff was made from it. I told Pat to be on the lookout for more, it's almost impossible to find. David Lucas, Lucas Boatworks and Happy Hour Club, (941) 704-6736

We're pleased to announce a new generation of Sit On Top kayak: The Blue Fin. Please note the Blue Fin comes with a CNC kit option as well as full scale paper patterns option.

JEM Watercraft

175th Anniversary Regatta at Sydney. Many of you will have a boat that might be suitable to participate. Others might know someone who has such a boat. Fred's email is an invitation to participate in the regatta. Those of you who no longer have a boat, or cannot arrange for it to participate, might consider witnessing the yachts on the day. Mori [see some interesting links at the bottom of the above link.]

Just wanted to announce that I put the bottom on, and want to claim the next hull number. I added a bunch of updates and pics to the blog. Enjoy. I've reached my goal for the winter. Now that the bottom is on and glassed, I plan to move her outside and tarp her for the winter. Then work on the sailing bits inside. I hope you all are still enjoying your boats in the warmer climes. Up here we've frozen over so, I'm hoping when the ice goes out I'll be floating in a Laguna. Chad

We (Steve Bosquette and Bob Throne) need your input .. we'd like to see your boat, sail with you - and maybe swap tillers, and swap ideas, stories, and boating yarns .. preferably over a good meal (potluck) by the water. So we've started a Yahoo Group hoping we can put together a good time in 2011. Bob

Just a little story about an afternoon sail, for all you Northerners stuck in the ice belt.

There's a snapshot of lunch on our little cockpit table. Comfy.


Here is a nice looking boat, smoking right along.


Go watch this. This isn't a clip of me, but these guys are decently industrious and they got perfect conditions for this kind of special multihull adventure.

Chris Ostlind

I've got 3 pages on my site with Toon2 info.

John Wolf's completed Toon2
Scott Gosnell's in progress Toon2
My in progress Toon2

Tom Raidna

There's this:


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